Kalfsvel Metaalcoating becomes Kalfsvel Coating

Over the years we have started to do much more than just treating metal.

Due to these developments, it was time to change our company name Kalfsvel Metaalcoating to Kalfsvel Coating.

Kalfsvel Metaalcoating was founded in 1999 by Cees Kalfsvel. Since its establishment, the organization has developed into a very successful and innovative company. Thanks to the dedication of the very experienced employees at Kalfsvel Coating, we have proudly grown into a household name in the Netherlands when it concerns the surface treatment of metal and other materials. Quality was and is our focus. We listen to our customers and, in together with our highly qualified staff, we take the right steps that lead to the best results. And most importantly, in everything we do, we keep our promise to our customers.

Over the years we have started to do much more than just treating metal. We now also treat wood, ceramics, glass and plastic:

  • Wood can be treated by applying a nice even layer of wet paint in any RAL color of your choice.
  • Ceramics can recently also be treated with wet paint and the developed blasting techniques.
  • Plastic and plastics can be sprayed in the (wet) lacquer, but can also be powder-coated due to the electrostatic properties.
  • Glass can be provided with a treatment by means of glass bead blasting, which gives it a rougher surface and becomes less transparent. Think of a frosted glass wall.

Due to all these developments, it was time to change the company name Kalfsvel Metaalcoating to Kalfsvel Coating.

At Kalfsvel Coating, metal coating is still the basis of our organization. The extensive experience and expertise that we have gained will only increase with the handling of the additional materials.

Metal coating is the core of our organization, but we like to innovate!


Almost all objects that are delivered to us for a (surface) treatment with a coating, are first blasted. This is still the standard procedure.

Blasting is still one of the most efficient ways to clean and roughen up a (metal) surface. This roughening ensures a good anchor pattern, which is important to create good adhesion for the coating. Blasting removes mill scale, old paint layers, zinc salts and other contaminants.

Powder coating

Since Kalfsvel Metaalcoating started in 1999, we have been specialists in the field of powder coating. Due to this experience we are able to guarantee optimum quality in every situation.

Paint spraying

Paint spraying a surface coating has evolved almost into an art at Kalfsvel Metaalcoating. We keep innovating and use our experience to the fullest. As a result, we are able to achieve the highest attainable quality, the same quality used in the car industry.

Glass bead blasting

Glass bead blasting is a technique where the surface is blasted with glass beads. Characteristic of the glass bead blasting is that the roughness of the surface decreases. Partly because of this, the surface feels smoother.

By applying a fine structure, less dirt will adhere to it. Compared to a mechanically polished surface, it appears that the roughness is greater on a micro scale. This makes our glass bead blasting a technique that is extremely suitable for the food and pharmaceutical industries, where very high standards are demanded for the cleanliness and cleanability of the materials.

Kalfsvel Metaalcoating has been a specialist in glass bead blasting for many years. We will continue to do this in order to guarantee you optimum quality at all times. After the glass bead treatment, the surface of your material has a suitable profile, feels smooth and even and therefore has a clean and easy-to-clean surface.

Kalfsvel Coating is proud to state that, thanks to our expertise of the craftsmanship and experience present, we developed a new method of glass beading. You can find more about this on our new website proffss.com.

Private individuals

At Kalfsvel Coating we are currently unable to handle the work offered by private individuals. Sorry for the inconvenience.