Corundum blasting – Glass bead blasting

The Cleaning and roughening of your product as the basis for the perfect adhesion

Characteristics of Corundum blasting – Glass bead blasting

  • Strict Swedish quality standards
  • Inert abrasives
  • Removal of contaminants in the material
  • Very important basis for an optimal, strong adhesion to achieve the best coating
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Blasting cabins from 22 x 7 x 5 metre and 8 x 4,4 x 4 metre.

Blasting at Kalfsvel Coating

Almost all objects that are provided with a coating at Kalfsvel Coating will first be blasted with either corundum or glass beads. This pre-treatment surface preparation is essential for a fantastic result.

Blasting is an efficient way to clean and roughen up material. This roughening ensures a very good surface/anchor profile, which in turn is important to create good adhesion for the coating. By blasting, contaminations such as; mill scale, old paint layers, zinc salts and other contaminants will be totally removed.

Cleanliness level as a quality standard

For the degree of cleanliness, we use the Swedish standard as a gauge: SA1, SA2, SA2.5 or SA3, whereby the type of coating that will be applied determines which is required. The higher the grade, the cleaner the material. Of course, we radiate under regulated conditions.


Materials that can be blasted at Kalfsvel Coating include;

  • Steel
  • Iron
  • Aluminium
  • Stainless Steel
  • Hot-dip galvanized steel
  • Wood
  • Stone

We work with an inert blasting agent (aluminium oxide) and have two blasting cabins available with the following dimensions respectively: 22 x 7 x 5 meters and 8 x 4.4 x 4 meters.

Corundum blasting (grit blasting or steel blasting; not performed by Kalfsvel Coating) is a surface treatment of hard materials, whereby corundum grains (grit grains or steel grains) are blown against an object with the help of our powerful compressor and compressed air, in order to achieve the best abrasive effect with the aim of fully cleaning your product of contaminants. (rust, paint residues, oils, fats and / or other contaminants) and lay the foundation for an optimal bonding structure for further surface treatment.


To collect the released dust and corundum grit, the blasting is done in our special blasting cabins, where our experienced emitter is protected by his PPE (personal protective equipment). The PPE consists of a special jet-resistant suit, boots and gloves. The experienced emitter also wears an overpressure helmet and hearing protection. The cabin has a steel floor and the walls are covered with rubber.

An extremely environmentally friendly extraction system extracts the released dust. This is collected and recycled in an environmentally conscious way. The precipitated steel grains (cave or corundum grains) are reused. For large objects it can also be blasted on location, where the object is then completely packed so that the released dust can be extracted and disposed of in an environmentally friendly way (at Kalfsvel Coating we only blast at our own facility).

There are many types of grit for blasting; the two main groups are metallic and non-metallic. The non-metallic blasting technique can, for example, use ground coconut shell, dry ice, carborundum (silicon carbide), sodium bicarbonate (soda blast) or glass beads.

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