Paint spraying with the highest coating quality

The best finish quality for your product with the perfect protection and appearance

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Specifications of Paint spraying

  • A new state of the art, dustfree spray room with a fantastic result
  • The highest quality (to be compared with car paint) coating quality
  • More than one million colours!
  • Craftsmanship executed by our highly experienced team
  • A environmentally saving and highly sustainable process
  • The most efficient walk-through system based on Lean Manufacturing
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More than 1 milion colors
Drying up to 60 degrees celsius

Your product is professionally sprayed with the very best high-end quality paint, as used in the car paint industry. These coatings are available in more than one million colours. This is carried out with the expertise of our professional team in our ultramodern dust-free spray booth.

By using a highly efficient system based on Lean Manufacturing, the lead time is reduced to a minimum with the maximum end result.

The process

When your product is delivered to us, we will process it as quickly as possible. To start off, your product will be carefully pre-treated for spraying. Most users are unaware of the benefits from pre-treatment. It is the key to a fantastic result. With over 55 years of experience, we know this like no other.

Pre-treatment surface preparation

Upon inspection of each product, we look into the correct pre-treatment surface preparation. Depending on the desired appearance and / or the ultimate goal of your product, the necessary treatments are taken.

  1. Blasting (see our separate section on blasting)
  2. Degreasing
    Degreasing is the removal of contaminants that consist of oils, fats and loose dirt. Requirements regarding the cleaning grade can vary considerably, also the level of oils and fats to be removed will vary. Therefore, the optimum degreasing method will differ.
  3. Pre-spraying with sandable 2K Polyester Primer
    A primer is the first layer on a surface, which ensures optimum adhesion between the surface and the following paint or varnish layers. To maximise the adhesion, the primer also protects the material. For example, the primer can prevent the surface from dissolving, penetrating moisture, passing UV light, or oxidizing of the surface.
  4. Fillers
    A special paste that is used at Kalfsvel Coating to fill holes, cracks and other irregularities in the surfaces.
  5. Sanding
    Sanding is a surface treatment in which a rough medium is rubbed along a material. This raw medium can, for example, be a piece of sandpaper or a scouring pad. Sanding almost always serves as a pre-treatment surface preparation. The pre-treatment surface preparation can serve to roughen the surface, so that a coating adheres more easily to the material, or as a first step in a process, in which the surface is made very smooth. In addition, it may serve to remove a portion of the surface that is not desired. For example, because corrosion has occurred, or because there is an old coating on it that is no longer in order. In this case it is used to allow the new varnish layer to adhere optimally.


Your product will be hung up on a monorail system that can support a maximum of 1000 kg. After the pre-treatment preparation, your product will enter our new modern dust-free spray booth and is sprayed with the highest quality coating (car paint quality) by our experts. You can choose from more than one million colours that we can produce in our paint mixing room at our own location to reduce waiting time.

“Kalfsvel Coating only uses coatings from the most renowned paint suppliers.”

After applying the coating, your product enters a drying room with a constant temperature of 25 degrees for a uniform drying process. After a minimum drying time of 2 hours, the next layer can already be sprayed onto the object. Depending on the number of layers and the urgency of the delivery time, the product can theoretically be ready by the next day.

Thanks to the implementation of Lean Manufacturing, the process has been optimally streamlined and leaves room to shift our schedules in consultation. In the event of a very urgent request, the lead time of your product can be sped up. Additional fees may apply for this event.

The paint booth itself can be heated to 60 degrees Celsius by the integrated climate control system, making it possible to apply several layers of paint per day (with the help of forced drying).

This treatment is also suitable for the food and pharmaceutical industries, among others

Quality based policy

  • ISO certified
  • Inspection by NACE Level 1 and 2 certified inspector
  • Up-to-date trained and experienced professionals
  • Strict interim and final inspection
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly

With extreme care we will finish your product according to our agreement for the perfect appearance and best protection. However, sometimes things might go wrong during production. To eliminate these disruptions as much as possible, there are strict interim and final quality controls. The interim checks are carried out by the very critical eyes, expertise and extensive experience from our inhouse controller.

When the product is rejected, it is completely reprocessed in order to continue the guarantee of the best quality. The final inspection is carried out by our own professional and highly experienced NACE LEVEL 1 and 2 inspector. For further information about our quality policy, you can visit our quality policy section.


Further details will follow soon …

Sustainable entrepreneurship at Kalfsvel Coating

For us, sustainable business means delivering competitively priced goods and services that meet people’s demands and that give quality to life, while gradually reducing the environmental impact and the use of raw materials and energy throughout the life cycle and in the chain to a level that is at least in balance with the carrying capacity of the earth.

Innovation at Kalfsvel Coating

Innovation is an idea, product, service and process or combination of these, which is constantly at the forefront of our business at Kalfsvel Coating. Innovation at Kalfsvel Coating takes place both internally within our organization an also externally in a wider context. The process of innovation encompasses all human actions aimed at innovation of:

  • Products
  • Services
  • Production processes

The spread of this innovation is also called innovation diffusion.

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